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Full suite interior design services firm specializing in 3D layouts for HDB, Condominiums and private apartments. Our agency provides design advise, space optimisation planning and entire front to end execution.

Gorgeous Showrooms

Strategically spaced out throughout Singapore for greater accessibility, we are even closer to you! A personal design consultant to walk you through the entire process.

Happy Client Homes

Every project is painstakingly planned and executed with meticulous attention to details. Check out our lovely portfolio of happy client homes from BTO’s to Condos.

Ongoing Sale & Promos

Cost cutting is key! Leverage on our advantage to save you money through our bulk and package discounts. Everyday lower prices. Interior design need not burn a hole in your pocket! Save more money today.

Our Interior Design Portfolio

The Minton

The Minton

131 Bishan

131 Bishan

The Luxurie

The Luxurie

Sin Ming Lane

Sin Ming Lane

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